The best high-speed charging station for your customers

With rapid charge for up to eight devices, a secure hotspot for instant web access, a speaker for instant entertainment, and a four-sided display to promote your products: Pawā Box is the solution.

Five Color Variations

Pawā Box - Red
Autumn Red
Pawā Box - Green
Spring Green
Pawā Box - Blue
Sky Blue
Pawā Box - Pink
Vibrant Pink
Pawā Box - Yellow
Bright Yellow
Keep Customers
Pawā Box is a sleek mobile device-charging unit that will keep customers with you longer.
Rapid Charge
Rapid charge for any device conveniently. Charge up to eight devices at a time.
Secure Hotspot
Provide customers a secure hotspot for instant web access and a speaker for instant entertainment.
Lease or Buy
Lease or buy multiple Pawā Box power banks for large spaces or additional locations.

If you want customers in your space for more than 15 minutes, Pawā Box is the solution.

Restaurants & Bars
Retail Locations
Airports & Train Stations
Conference & Waiting Rooms
Outdoor Recreation

Use the four-sided Pawā Box to promote your products and services or earn additional advertising income.

Work directly with Clear Channel Advertising.
graphic design (1)
Custom graphic design services available.
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36 inches of real estate on four sides of the power bank.

Pawā Box Specifications

Up to six retractable cords and two USB ports allowing customers to charge nearly any mobile device. Charging rack included.
41,600mAh LG lithium-ion battery means you don’t have to plug in the Pawā Box unless you want to.
LED lights illuminate the rapid charge station for a distinct look and for making it easy to find in the dark.
Water resistant design means beverage spills are no problem.

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Pawā means “power” in Japanese. It means customer satisfaction and more revenue for you.

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