Leasing and Advertising

Pawā Box For Business

The Pawā Box™ leasing program is designed for customer-facing businesses to provide a series of convenient, rapid-charging power banks to its customers in a way that generates more revenue through targeted advertising on the Pawā Box.

At only 7 inches tall, each power bank takes up limited table space yet offers plenty of room for your customized messages and/or advertisements from our network of advertisers.

Choose from one of three leasing plans to keep guests with you longer and earn revenue from advertising.

Chris Degan
Razzoo's Cajun Café

Our managers and guests love the Pawā Box. They give us an opportunity to deliver a little extra hospitality, and we see our guests staying longer because they can keep their devices charged. 

Jason Lancaster
Spork Marketing

Having Pawā Boxes in the office has saved all of us the hassle of remembering our chargers at home. The box takes up very little shelf space and works as a great speaker for anyone to use.


Contact Us
Determine Placement
Sign Agreement
Choose Advertisers
Preview Advertising Designs
Rollout in 6-12 Weeks


Leasing Plan
The leasing plan
per unit
12 month lease
Full-term warranty with complete repair/replacement
Sold in 1000 unit quantities
Additional creative change-out costs
Advertising Plan
The Advertising Plan
per unit
1 year lease on all boxes for a minimal maintenance fee
Warranty covers complete repair/replacement
Lease boxes in 1000 unit quantities
Earn revenue through advertisements on box
Additional creative changeout costs
Purchasing Plan
The purchasing plan
per unit
Own all your boxes
12 month warranty with complete repair/replacement
Sold in 1000 unit quantities
Additional creative changeout costs


How long will it take to get our boxes?

From the date you sign the agreement, it will take six to twelve weeks to roll out your plan.

What happens if a Pawā Box doesn't work properly?

We stand behind the quality of our product and are confident it will work as it’s designed. However, we understand that things happen. Let us know you need a new box, and we will swap it out the next day.

Do I have to replace the cords and batteries every month?

Nope! Pawā Box is built with a commercial-grade battery, which is built for durability, and the cords are retractable to keep them in tip-top shape, too.

Do I have to lease a Pawā Box to get one?

No, we also sell Pawā Boxes individually without a leasing agreement. Shop here.


Who are the advertisers?

Pawā Box works with the most reputable media companies to provide a long list of advertisers for you to choose from to ensure that all advertisements are suitable for your brand.

Can I change advertisements?

Yes. We regularly swap out the charging stations, and it is easy to change your set of advertisements at that time.

Can I put my own advertisements on the box?

Pawā Box offers complete graphic design services, which means you can create your own messages. However, doing so may change your pricing. Contact us for details.

Technical FAQs

How do I charge the Pawā Box?

Every Pawā Box comes with its own charger that plugs into the wall or into another charger.

How long does it take to fully charge the Pawā Box?

The Pawā Box will take about 11 hours (~100%) to fully charge from a very low battery capacity condition.

When the Pawā Box is fully charged, do I need to remove it from the charger as a precaution?

This product has a “full charge power protection” feature meaning that when it is fully charged or has been continuously charging for 11 hours, it will automatically stop. Removing the Pawā Box from the charger is not required. If you need to recharge the Pawā Box, simply re-load the Pawā Box on the charger.

Can I play the music stored in my mobile phone on the Pawā Box?

Yes, you can play music from your personal device with the Bluetooth connection.

How do I turn on the Bluetooth function?

The Bluetooth function is activated when you turn on the Pawā Box. When activated, the blue LED light will blink.

Can I change the start-up music of the Pawā Box?

Yes, you can reload your own music file through the Micro USB connection on the Pawā Box.

How do I turn on or turn off the Pawā Box LED decoration light?

Press the Pawā button for three seconds to turn on the LED decoration light. To turn off the light, press and hold the Pawā button for three seconds. Press for one second to change the color.

How do I know the Pawā Box is charging my devices?

The charging sign will be shown on your personal devices.

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