Keep guests connected with the most powerful charging station.

– Rapid charge for up to eight personal devices
– Bluetooth speaker for instant entertainment
– Four-sided display for advertising

Pawā Box™ is the solution for businesses looking to generate more revenue.

Switch Colors With a Tap of a Button

Pawā Box - Red
Crimson Red
Pawā Box - Green
Spring Green
Pawā Box - Blue
Indigo Blue
Pawā Box - Pink
Sunburst Yellow
Keep Guests Longer
Pawā Box is a sleek mobile device-charging unit that will keep guests with you an average of 15 minutes longer.
No Outlets? No Problem.
With the Pawā Box, a shortage of outlets is no problem.
Eliminate Charge Anxiety
Keep everyone connected to home, work, and friends the way they expect.
Added Hospitality
Provide a solution for employees who are frequently asked to help guests charge phones.
Minimize Table Clutter
The Pawā Box is small with retractable cords. Portable and lightweight, too.

Keep Your Guests An Average of 15 Minutes Longer. Earn More Revenue.

Restaurants & Bars
Retail Locations
Transportation Stations
Conference & Waiting Rooms
Outdoor Recreation
Event Venues
Home & Business
Schools & Libraries
Hospitals & Medical Centers





Leasing and Advertising


Purchasing, leasing, and advertising plans ideal for multi-unit businesses.
Extensive warranties and tech support to serve you.
Volume discounts plus opportunities to earn additional revenue. Click here for details.






Pawā Box Specifications


Rapid charge for up to 8 devices at a time with 4 retractable cords and 2 USB ports for every type of personal device.
41,600mAh LG lithium-ion battery gives you up to 30 hours of charging time. This is the highest-quality battery you can buy.
LED lights illuminate in four different colors making the charging station easy to find in the dark.
Water resistant design means beverage spills are no problem.
Bluetooth compatible speaker for instant entertainment.

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